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Lorenz Bäumer has always wished to place his life under the sign of creation. Creating
is a matter of course, whether awake or asleep, day or night. It is a pleasure
also, that the jeweler can share daily with those he does not necessarily know, those who wear his designer jewelry. If beauty is the promise of happiness and life in the pink, being a jewelry designer is first and foremost to keep this promise. It requires some talents, and
above all, not to compartmentalize them, to let them grow, to be a complete artist
. But above all, the main engine of this eternal desire to create
is passion. Without a great passion, nothing is possible because with the
passion it is possible to dare, to learn, to invent and to reinvent the
collections of designer jewelry.

It is thus on the Place Vendôme, the only possible address in France for
a jeweler claiming excellence, that the jewelry designer Lorenz Bäumer
established his Cabane du Créateur in Paris, a true cabinet of ideas, an incubator of emotions and beauty, a research laboratory, a creative space where new concepts are born and where new techniques are tested. Our exceptional creations reflect the unique corporate culture of Bäumer Vendôme and our business: art, originality, know-how and a little bit of madness. Every day, customers discover this creative power and what it entails: astonishing, surprising and totally revolutionary designer jewelry


The jeweler's sources of inspiration are numerous, but nature and its
fruits are certainly what Lorenz Bäumer wants to preserve more than anything else
in the form of designer jewelry collections, for rings, necklaces,
pendants, bracelets and other exceptional pieces, in white or rose gold.

Indeed, this is the magic of jewelry! Everything that is perishable and fragile can
reach eternal life. This precious flower will not wilt, this branch
of cherry tree will not need water, this stem will not break. Everything is
possible! This creator of jewels tames nature and submits it to his will
. There, the most delicate leaf rolls up, here, a petal is placed and
holds as if by enchantment. All is ordered to the rhythm that the jeweller imposes,
following a harmony of which he is the composer.

The jeweler is a balancing act, running on the thread of
creation, stretched between today and tomorrow. When the balance is perfect,
time stops, and creative jewelry is born.


The quality of the gold, white or pink, but especially of the stones, is the starting point
of an outstanding realization, of the luxurious experience that a customer
can come to France, and more precisely on the place Vendôme of
Paris, at a creator of jewelry.

The choice of stones is really at the heart of the design process. One stone can
inspire the creation of a ring, a brooch, a pair of earrings
and other pieces. Two stones together are like fireworks
. A great challenge is then given to the jeweler, creator of
custom jewelry, Lorenz Bäumer: create the alchemy, the perfect balance
between all these elements all more noble and luxurious than the others.

The stones on which he bets the most are colored diamonds. It should be noted that these
colored diamonds represent only 5% of the diamonds in the world, so they are
extremely rare. His favorite stones: tourmalines with saturated colors
, peridots, spinels. The country of the most amazing stones? Brazil, where all the colors of creation come together: imperial topazes, rarer than diamonds, with delicate peach shades; tourmalines with hues that vary according to those of the rainbow; amethysts in
bishop's robe, with reflections full of mystery, citrines shimmering like a
honey, or emeralds, the captious mint of secret gardens... Here are the
components of the most beautiful designer jewelry collection.


At the base of the creation: the drawing. The drawing is a
passage obliged in the realization of creative jewels, a projection of the idea
in two dimensions, before passing to the modeling in space. The idea
must come immediately, it must spring up on paper. The
workshop begins with art, and only art: the
creator is inspired by an original message that he wishes to communicate to the public,
a particular corporate culture, a shaped stone that attracts the
eye ... We classify, number, structure and select all
the different ideas without exception, classic or extravagant, in order to
keep only the best. It only remains for the inspiration to be drawn,
reworked, then drawn again, until obtaining a final result
of exception.

Once the desire for creation is expressed, the workshops of the House
take over. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of work
are necessary for the realization of designer jewelry. It is necessary to sculpt, mould,
melt, chisel, pre-polish, drill the frame. The creation of products and objects belonging to a
collection takes place in the same technical structure. We classify, weigh, measure and
make the selection of the shaped stones before proceeding to the assembly and
to the setting of the jewel, then we affix its serial number. After the assembly,
the technical manufacture of the products and objects forming a collection is
made to measure in workshop. Then is made available
information on the maintenance of the stone and use. This requires nearly one hundred hours of work. Then the cutting, setting of the stones and finishing require again more than a
fifty hours of meticulous work and rare expertise. Of course,
at Bäumer Vendôme, our sales activity is followed by the provision of
information about the care of the stone and the use of
designer jewelry. All these combined skills,
efforts and hours are undoubtedly a prerequisite for the
realization of an exceptional piece, which will provoke an unforgettable emotion in its owner.


Exceptional workshops, lapidaries, diamond cutters and goldsmiths all put their exceptional know-how
to work for the creation of jewelry in France. It is a question of
mastering all possible techniques and inventing new ones to
succeed in shaping the creators' ideas.

Some of Lorenz Bäumer's creations give movement to
precious stones by freeing them, for a moment of illusion, from the laws of
gravity; they then capture a maximum of light and throw a multitude of
fires. The Menotte ring makes a sapphire "levitate" between the fingers; the two emeralds
of another ring seem to float on the hand, held by a mysteriously decorative chain
. One of Lorenz Bäumer's first designer jewelry pieces,
, which of course did not leave anyone indifferent.

In addition, some creations integrate the most unusual components:
meteorites, daguerreotypes, stones from ancient Petra,
polymorphic Egyptian god figurine dating back 3,000 years ... The jeweler's creativity
is boundless and even manages to divert some
objects from their traditional or historical function. Uses and customs are
reversed, revisited, like the techniques of setting, permanently
reinvented ... Here is the recipe for the most beautiful designer jewelry for rings,
earrings, pendants and other exceptional pieces, set with
diamonds and other precious stones.


An exceptional jeweler must seek perfection, in the smallest
details. All the elements, even those considered little visible or voluntarily
hidden, are worked until the obsession: inside and back of the jewels
creator, special sizes for the precious stones, systems, engravings and
cuts, articulations whose secrets will be delivered only little by little, sometimes never.

At first glance, the details do not appear obviously. However, they
make all the difference between ordinary jewelry and great
creations: designer jewelry. These convey a unique message
to the public. These details are similar to the
hundredth of a second thanks to which the sportsman will reach the first step of the
podium and which will have cost him so much effort.

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