To experience the creation of a custom-made jewel at 19 Place Vendôme is to go and find with precision all that jewellery can offer.


Tailor-made jewellery allows you to tell a special story through a piece of jewellery. The jeweller Lorenz Bäumer puts his creativity at the service of your wildest dreams in order to create with you the exceptional custom-made jewel. Over the course of several appointments, you will work with Lorenz Bäumer to create your ideal piece of jewellery.

There are many reasons to embark on the adventure of making bespoke jewellery. A specific event, a unique person, or a specific idea, affection for a particular stone, or an emotion to express.

Like any art form, custom-made jewellery is a powerful vector of meaning and emotion. A made-to-measure jewel is the best expression of your desires and your personality.

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, engagement rings, cufflinks, all formats lend themselves to this exercise. Whether it is for a man or a woman, custom-made pieces can be created as accurately as possible.

Made-to-measure is also an opportunity to shake up certain jewellery codes, to imagine a new setting, a new stone cut, a new way of setting, new volumes, new reflections. This experience of novelty makes the creative process very exciting, both for the client and of course for the designer. And Lorenz Bäumer excels in the art of upsetting the codes of jewellery.


For Lorenz Bäumer, there are no limits to creation. We will be happy to work with you to create the jewel of your dreams and to translate your ideas into a unique creation.

The House of Bäumer is constantly pushing the boundaries of jewellery, creating and inspiring itself by the ever more original desires of its customers.

Experiencing Made-to-Measure is also writing or rewriting a new story, drawing inspiration from the past, and drawing on the jeweller's imagination to create a unique, daring, impertinent piece of jewellery, or quite simply the piece of your dreams.

To experience the creation of a custom-made jewel at 19 Place Vendôme is to go and find with precision all that jewellery can offer.


A made-to-measure piece of jewellery is unique and made exclusively for you and according to your requirements.

This creation is unlike any other existing model and is based on your wishes, desires and imagination. Our designer, Lorenz Bäumer, would be happy to bring your most eccentric wishes to life with a creation that matches you, the one of your dreams.

In this way, the House of Bäumer offers you support and puts its exceptional know-how at your service so that your experience of the mythical adventure of tailoring goes perfectly.

Enjoy the taste of the exceptional and the uniqueness of your jewel that tells a special story that will not be told anywhere else.

A unique piece

The interest of a made-to-measure creation is to have a unique and singular jewel which corresponds to you. Pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings or necklaces, all pieces of jewellery can be made to measure.

The House of Bäumer wishes to realize the piece you desire and will listen to your imagination, faithfully respecting your expectations and hopes so that the piece of your dreams comes to life. Moreover, we assure you that you will benefit from our expertise and know-how during the creation of your custom-made jewel, which respects the superior quality that is so dear to our House.

An original and highly appreciated gift, custom-made jewellery allows you to transcribe a particular story in a unique and singular piece of jewellery that will always make an impact.

For example, for both men and women, enjoy the multiple facets of bespoke jewellery by creating a personalised pendant that you can have set with a diamond, a photo, or any other piece of jewellery such as a necklace, bracelet or your wedding rings, which our experts will be delighted to make in our workshop in order to create the jewel of your life.


This first step is a privileged moment of sharing between the designer and the customers. A unique opportunity to discover the Cabane du Créateur, the boutique at 19 Place Vendôme and all the treasures that this magical place of Parisian haute-joaillerie conceals.


The choice of stones is a moment of emotion where the precious brilliance of a gem prefigures an exceptional jewel.

Exceptional and atypical stones have always been a source of inspiration for Lorenz Bäumer. They have been the basis of the company's creations for many years.

Precious stones, gems and pearls are available to you and the designer to create the most beautiful jewel possible.

The colour of the stones, their shine, their history, often provoke a particular emotion. It is as if the material in its raw state is an integral part of this made-to-measure adventure. A stone is a treasure, a heritage, a memory, a feeling. Each stone suggests a particular emotion and inspires a desire to create.

Also, if you want to give a second life to a stone you already own, there are a thousand and one ways to enhance it.

Diamonds are the stone most often selected for custom-made designs, especially for engagement rings and wedding bands.

For the House of Bäumer, creation has no limits. You can give free rein to your imagination in the creation of your necklace, your pendant or any other custom-made jewel, which our experts will love to create.


The gouache, a realistic reflection of the jewel to come, is an essential step in the creation of a custom-made jewel. It highlights the association of design, stones and colours, for a subtle and artistic rendering: a full-fledged souvenir of the creative adventure of a made-to-measure jewel.


The 3D modelling of the jewel is the fourth step in the creation process. This realization allows the workshops to fully understand the technical issues of the design and allows customers to see their request before it is manufactured.


The House of Bäumer works with workshops that each have their own expertise: jewellers, diamond cutters, lapidaries, setters and polishers that allow Bäumer creations to have a perfect result and make the dream coincide with reality.

On its return to our salons, your creation will be given to you in its case, for an unforgettable and personalised experience. We are particularly keen to make this made-to-measure experience an unforgettable memory, a privileged and emotional moment.


The manufacturing time will depend on the pieces, the size of the piece, the noble materials it requires and the style of stone requested, depending on its rarity.

You will have to take into account the time needed to imagine and create your design, the 3D modelling, and the work in the workshop. Diamond, sapphire, ruby, you will also have to take into account the stones that will be set in your necklace, your pendant, your ring or any other made-to-measure jewel

The estimate of the time and the manufacturing will be given to you as soon as we understand and elaborate your parts:

On average it takes 8 to 12 weeks. However, for larger pieces of fine jewellery, this period can be longer.

No matter how long it takes to make your jewellery, Bäumer is committed to offering you conscientious and faithful creations that meet your expectations. Men and women, enjoy the multiple possibilities of made-to-measure thanks to the excellence, expertise and meticulous work of our designer and our experts in the workshop.


Lorenz Bäumer has had the opportunity to create many bespoke pieces for both men and women, but perhaps the most striking was the "diamond foam" tiara for Princess Charlene of Monaco

In 2011, Lorenz Bäumer had the honour of being chosen as the personal jeweller of Princess Charlene of Monaco for her wedding. Among several proposals, the tiara named "Écume de diamants" proved to be the only one and won the Princess' heart. The tiara, set with multiple diamonds of different sizes, was inspired by their shared passion for the sea, as the Princess is a champion swimmer and Lorenz Bäumer is a keen surfer. Karl Lagerfeld immortalised this magical moment by photographing Lorenz Bäumer and Charlene of Monaco wearing her diamond tiara.

For Lorenz Bäumer, there are no limits to creation. We will be happy to create the jewel of your dreams together with you and turn your ideas into a unique creation. At Bäumer Vendôme, we give you the opportunity to give life to your emotions and your imagination in a piece of jewellery, to which you can add the touches of personality that you wish: photo, medallion, personal message... Indeed, the House of Bäumer does not cease to shake up the codes of jewellery, by creating and being inspired by the ever more original desires of its customers

Write a new story and bring to life the jewel that you will not find anywhere else.

For Lorenz Bäumer, there are no limits to creation. We will be happy to work with you to create the jewel of your dreams and turn your ideas into a unique creation.

The House of Bäumer never ceases to challenge the codes of jewellery by creating and being inspired by the ever more original desires of its customers.

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